The following classes are available globally.

  • The imgae loader to load image asset from Photos library. You need to register the loader into manager firstly. Use @import SDWebImagePhotosPlugin to import full framework instead of each header.


    To control single image request options, use the context option in SDWebImagePhotosDefine.h.


    Use NSURL+SDWebImagePhotosPlugin.h category to create Photos URL instead of string. Use PHImageRequestOptions+SDWebImagePhotosPlugin.h category to provide extra info for request options.


    And it’s also strongly recommeded to totally disable memory cache if you want to query batch of Photos images frequently. You can do this by using SDWebImageFromLoaderOnly options during image request. And you can use SDWebImageContextStoreCacheType with SDImageCacheTypeNone to disable cache storing. This is because Photos framework manage the image cache by their own process outside your application process and can reduce memory usage.
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    @interface SDImagePhotosLoader : NSObject


    class SDImagePhotosLoader : NSObject