@interface SDImageIOCoder : NSObject <SDProgressiveImageCoder>

Built in coder that supports PNG, JPEG, TIFF, includes support for progressive decoding.

GIF Also supports static GIF (meaning will only handle the 1st frame). For a full GIF support, we recommend SDAnimatedImageView to keep both CPU and memory balanced.

HEIC This coder also supports HEIC format because ImageIO supports it natively. But it depends on the system capabilities, so it won’t work on all devices, see: Decode(Software): !Simulator && (iOS 11 || tvOS 11 || macOS 10.13) Decode(Hardware): !Simulator && ((iOS 11 && A9Chip) || (macOS 10.13 && 6thGenerationIntelCPU)) Encode(Software): macOS 10.13 Encode(Hardware): !Simulator && ((iOS 11 && A10FusionChip) || (macOS 10.13 && 6thGenerationIntelCPU))

  • Declaration


    @property (nonatomic, class, readonly, nonnull) SDImageIOCoder *sharedCoder


    class var shared: SDImageIOCoder { get }